Aims and Objectives

The objectives and activities of Council of Legal Studies shall include:

  • To promote and foster Unity and Integrity of the Nation, socio-cultural harmony through the legal discourse and also to promote the interests of legal education and legitimate rights to raise awareness of the richness of the Islamic heritage, its role and importance.
  • Encouraging studies and research which contribute to the Islamic philosophy of law, inside and outside the academic world.
  • Calling upon scholars to elaborate on the correlation between contemporary issues so as to facilitate understanding the wisdom behind, and objectives of Islamic rulings.
  • Holding conferences, symposia, seminars, training courses and lectures to stimulate research and discussions on topics related to the field of Law and society and on understanding the Islamic Principles in contemporary world. Promoting and publishing proceedings of Seminar/Symposia/ Lectures of scholars who have contributed to the legal studies.
  • Reinforcing the basic rules of the Islamic law in modern times.
  • Encouraging versatile students and young researchers to study the philosophy of Islamic law and conduct research that shows the universality of Islamic law in all cultural contexts. Giving special consideration to new research in the theories of priorities, utility, consequences and universal principles of Islamic law. Student fellowships for advanced studies: Student fellowships will support research, travel, and training for students engaged in projects related to Islamic law and civilization.
  • Establishing a holistic and comprehensive understanding to forward the findings/recommendations to the concerned authorities on contemporary issues of socio-legal importance.

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Islamic law has exercised its influence in legal systems of most Muslim countries. More recently a notable and growing group of Muslim immigrants and societies has advocated to gradual introduction of their law in the West and other non-Muslim

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